Sunglasses shape for Your Face

Don’t be afraid to show your sparkling light. If it is too much for people just give them a pair of sunglasses to wear.

     ~ Gabrielle Roth

Shapes for your sunglasses

Sunglasses and summers go hand in hand. They’re a fashion statement to your everyday outfit. If you’re not satisfied with your attire you can rock it with a pair of sunglasses. Be it any shape, color or brand; sunglasses always bring a spunk.

Here’s the ultimate guide for you to pick the sunglass that best suits you:-

Frames for A Round Face

The round face shape is characterized by a similar length and width and fullness below the cheekbones. Angular frames and aviators compliment best with the round-shaped face.

Aviator sunglasses

Sunglasses For A Heart-Shaped Face

This face shape is characterized by a wider forehead and tapered chin. Square frames purely are made for narrow chins.

Frames For An Oval-Shaped Face

The oval face shape is long and not wide, with a jaw that is narrow and has cheekbones broader than the jaw. Since the oval-shaped face is proportional. It’s tough to go wrong with an oval-shaped face. Every frame looks absolutely stunning except for the oversized ones.

Willing Sunglasses

Sunglasses For A Square-Shaped Face

The square face shape is characterized by a wide forehead and a prominent jawline. Circular frames and round shapes are a code for success if you’ve got a square jaw.

Sunglasses For A Diamond-Shaped Face

The diamond face shape is characterized as a narrow chin, narrow forehead and broad cheekbones. Cat-eye, aviators and club master are a great fit to the diamond-shaped face.


Sunglasses For A Pear-Shaped Face

The pear face shape, which is also sometimes called a triangular face, is characterized by a narrow forehead with slightly wider cheekbones and a wide jawline. Anything teardrop and square frames work effectively with a triangular face.

Frames For An Oblong Face

This face shape is characterized by a very long and narrow bone structure than being wide. Wayfarer and oversized frames give a terrific look.



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